It’s our passion to contribute to building a better future for our communities both rural and urban. This has been our focal point when choosing, planning and developing our estates.

We have developed vacant farmlands into residential and commercial estates with all the needed amenities like electricity, water, wide access roads, schools, hospital, recreational areas, shopping and security. Preparing such communities involves many stakeholders, the government, the community, and the local authorities.

We take much focus on the future and develop our estates with that in mind, this has helped us mitigate future challenges like slums, and living in very congested areas with poor services.

When we are doing our development we keep a keen eye on the environment and make sure we keep our estates green. This has been achieved through the planting of trees alongside estate roads plus retaining the indigenous trees there as well.

We reserve the land that is taken up by swamps for green area and plant trees or plants that is appropriate for nature.

We do this and more to build better commutes, feel free to be part of us through this. We welcome advice, criticism, guidance and more from you.

Together we can do more.